Civilivic Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 1005
Noosaville QLD 4566


Concept Planning
& Feasibility

Civilivic is committed to investing our time into the initial stages of potential developments. We perform feasibility studies to reveal the potential return on investment for our client before the project even commences.

These studies are inclusive of concept sketch layout planning, consultant fee proposals, authority fees and contributions, construction costs, and compilation of reports inclusive of sketch plans. Fully investigating the feasibility of a potential project, with full cash flow projections, that typically have an accuracy of costing in range of +/- 10-15%.

Concept planning & feasibility studies are performed to mitigate the risks for our clients and have been immensely valuable and desired, enabling them to undertake a project with confidence in its potential. This has always been a service that we provide to our clients, as ultimately the success of our clients will be our success.